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  • 311
  • Tuna
  • Perri-callat
  • Lotus
  • Chris Robinson
  • Lou Gramm
  • Mighty Mighty
  • Starship
  • new riders
  • sister- twiddle
Also Appearing ...

Miles to Dayton, Kerry Kearney Band, Soundswell, Funkin’ A, Joe Bayer Band,
Jacks Waterfall,
Funknasty, Heavy Duty Super Ego, Quarter Horse
Cassandra House, Reckoning, Katie Pearlman, Shecky & the Twangtones, Butchers Blind,
Memphis Crawl, Ancient Tongue, Noahs ARC, Six Gun, The Lawn Boys, Robert Bruey,
LOFI 3, The Montauk Project, A Band Called Sam, Ladies Drink Free, Two Cent Sam, Mayve,
Jess Ingui, J Randy, Gabrielle Ross, Funk’t Up, Bohemians, John Sparling, Yankee Rebel,
Unwined, Ionia,Frogg Café, Maui Waui & Good Vibes, John Putnam and Used Blues,
DJ Neil Wrangler, LI Boot Kickers, Count to Ten,
Plus: Youth Be Told, Little Red Men, Zofolk


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