Bx2 DIGITAL CAMERA“BX2″, which stands for”Brothers Times Two”, is a rock band that was founded in spring of 2012 by two sets of brothers: Thomas and Paul Foschino, and Brandon and Dylan Niederauer, who were all just 9 and 11 years old at the time. Soon after they started the band, they asked guitarist Kyle Sheehan, who was 11 years old, to join. Gigging regularly since the band’s inception over 2 years ago, they have quickly evolved from a cute bunch of kids playing in a band to a serious band of very talented musicians, who garner the utmost respect from the most well known musicians around, regardless of their age. Along with their growing library of original songs influenced mostly by blues, rock and jam, these boys have an extremely extensive repertoire, with set lists that also include classics from artists like Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen, and even Muddy Waters. BX2 exhibits an undeniably advanced musical maturity for such a young band, jamming and taking solos and leads that rival the finest musician 4 times their age and they can only get better from here.

BX2 plays VegasBradon Niederauer is an 11 year old guitar phenom who plays as if he was born with the guitar in his hands. In the past year, Brandon has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show, shared the stage with such musical icons as Greg Allman, Ceril Neville, Warren Haynes, Robert Randolph, Trombone Shorty and too many others to list. Sharing the singing duties with his BX2 band mates, Brandon has a very strong singing voice proving that soul does not always come with age, and that sometimes you just have it. A true band leader with exceptional musical instincts, Brandon has become known for his stinging guitar leads and his ability to jam note for note with the best guitarists around. Brandon’s brother, 13 year old Dylan Niederauer is a solid and funky bass player who has obviously been taught by the best of the best just how to take the bass from simply being a background instrument to being a true showpiece in the music. Dylan provides an unshakable floor in the band’s sound, and with his natural intuitiveness on where to lay the beat, he locks in perfectly with the drummer in this band, 13 year old Thomas Foschino. Thomas is at home behind his drum kit and is the solid backbone of this rhythm section. With the timing of a metronome, Thomas exudes the kind of technical skills that can take some drummers years to perfect, while keeping the band running like a well oiled freight train. Playing with heart and conviction, and occasionally sharing the singing duties, Thomas has a strong and deep voice, keeping alive the rare occurrence of the singing drummer, a la Don Henley. Thomas’ brother Paul Foschino, who is 11 years old, is a whiz on the keys, bringing his classical training to the forefront of his playing with this band. Paul is a very strong singer, who also shares the vocal work in BX2, as well as playing his trumpet from time to time. Always wearing his trademark fedora, Paul brings his best to the table with BX2, combining his classical roots with his love for old school jazz and his desire to follow in the footsteps of such greats as Billy Joel and Ben Folds. Kyle Sheehan, who is 12 years old, is a rocker with a rocker’s heart, laying down some amazingly strong and steady rhythm guitar, as well as some staggering and tasty leads in the style that is reminiscent of guitar great, Jimmy Page. Always ready with a smile, Kyle is the missing piece that made the band whole when he jumped on board with BX2.

BX2 is not all rock and roll…they also proves that philanthropy is not only for adults. They have performed at benefit concerts. And in Feb. 2014, they organized and hosted a benefit concert of their own which raised over $1500 for their local middle school’s music program. They know how to give back for all they’ve been given. And at that show, they also collected over 100 pounds of food (both human and pet food) for local food pantries and animal shelters.

The band performs regularly at some of Long Island’s finer live music venues including the Stephen Talkhouse, Bobbique in Patchogue, Blend, Napper Tandy’s and Katie’s of Smithtown, Cedar Beach Hut, as well as a few town street fairs and festivals, leaving people shaking their heads with amazement after each performance.