BX2“BX2″which stands for”Brothers Times Two”was founded by two sets of brothers: Brandon and Dylan Niederauer and Thomas and Paul Foschino, who later asked their friend Kyle Sheehan to join the band. What’s so unique about these amazing young rockers is that they are all between the ages of 10 and 12 years old. Along with their growing library of original songs, these boys have an extremely extensive repertoire, including classics from Chuck Berry, to Rush and Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Guns and Roses, right on up to Journey and Neil Young. BX2 exhibits an undeniably advanced musical maturity for such a young band, jamming and taking solos and leads that rival the finest musician 4 times their age. After tying for 1st Place in the Adventureland Idol Talent Contest in August of 2012, the band was awarded the Grand Prize of performing at the Jones Beach Band Shell at the Town of Babylon End of the Summer Concert to an estimated 5,000+ concertgoers, who were on their feet giving a standing ovation at the end of their set.

BX2Bradon Niederauer is a 10 year old guitar phenom who plays as if he was born with the guitar in his hands. Sharing the singing duties with his BX2 band mates, Brandon also has a very strong singing voice proving that soul does not always come with age, and that sometimes you just have it. A true band leader with exceptional musical instincts, Brandon has become known for his stinging guitar leads and his ability to jam note for note with the best guitarists around. His brother, 12 year old Dylan Niederauer is a solid and funky bass player who has obviously been taught by the best of the best just how to take the bass from simply being a background instrument to being a true showpiece in the music. His intuitiveness on where to lay the beat is flawless and natural, and he locks in perfectly with the drummer in this band, 12 year old Thomas Foschino. Thomas is at home behind his drum kit and is the solid backbone of this rhythm section. With the timing of a metronome, he keeps the band running like a well oiled freight train, playing with heart and conviction and occasionally sharing the singing duties. Thomas’ brother Paul Foschino, who is 10 years old, is a whiz on the keys and a strong singer, sharing the vocal duties as well as playing his trumpet from time to time. Paul, always wearing his trademark fedora, brings his best to the table with BX2, showing his classical and jazz influences throughout every performance. Kyle Sheehan, who is 12 years old, is a rocker with a rocker’s heart, laying down strong and steady rhythm guitar, as well as some staggering and tasty leads. Always ready with a smile, Kyle is the missing piece that made the band whole when he jumped on board with BX2.

BX2 performs regularly at some of Long Island’s finer live music venues including the Bobbique in Patchogue, Napper Tandy’s of Smithtown, Katie’s of Smithtown, Cedar Beach Hut, as well as a few town street fairs and festivals, leaving people shaking their heads with amazement after each performance. They will be donating their time in early fall at a charity show that will benefit children with cancer and other diseases, and those children’s families. They are always grateful to perform and always excited to entertain.