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July 12, 2018
The Main Coors Light Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
July 13, 2018
The Main Coors Light Stage
Jambalaya Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
July 14, 2018
The Main Coors Light Stage
Jambalaya Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
July 15, 2018
The Main Coors Light Stage
Jambalaya Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
The Main Coors Light Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
The Main Coors Light Stage
Jambalaya Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
The Main Coors Light Stage
Jambalaya Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
The Main Coors Light Stage
Jambalaya Stage
Clamshell Bandshell
03:30 PM

An Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York, Bohemians is Luke Lotardo, Eric Milton, Perry Ladouceur and Eric Pubins. After playing in different bands during their middle school years, Lotardo, Milton and Pubins joined together to form Bohemians in the summer of 2012. Each having his own personal taste of music, they began demoing songs that caught the ear of a Baltimore-based producer who offered the group their first taste of studio time. Read more…

04:00 PM
Whatever We Are

It started with four friends. Just three guys and a girl in a studio, each with wildly different personalities and dreams, but all united in their support of each other. Before they knew it, almost by accident, they were recording some of the most powerful material of their careers, moving into a house together, and launching one of the most exciting new names in music: Whatever We Are. Read more…

04:30 PM

A progressive blend of old and new sounds in emo music, Staleworth is an up-and-coming act exhibiting as much grit as they do heart. In their 2016 EP, “Covalence”, guitars soar as vocalist Kevin Davis speaks of heartbreak and corrupted powers. With their first single in the last 2 years, their song, “That’s Not My Wallet” highlights a more mature band yet still ripe with passion. Read more…

05:00 PM
Envy On The Coast

Envy on the Coast returned to the stage in 2016 with their first shows in 7 years. Ryan Hunter & Brian Byrne set out to prove that their bar for their live show is just as high as when they left the stage in 2010. Any skepticism of a new lineup was quickly quelled at their packed out Webster Hall and Paramount shows, as well as their headlining shows across the country. Read more…

05:40 PM
King Neptune

Formed in 2015, king neptune is the brain-child of Long Beach, New York songwriter, Ian Kenny. The LBNY alternative rock/ power pop outfit merges 90’s rock influences with a modern twist -combining the likes of Weezer, Kings of Leon and Third Eye Blind. With two EP’s out (A Place to Rest My Head & Get Lost Among the Flowers Ep.) king neptune has a debut lp scheduled for release in 2018 with long island label Rev Records.
Read more…

06:10 PM
The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids are a band that grew up in public. Since forming in Kansas City in 1995, they’ve established themselves as a group whose music withstands trends and transcends the superficial in favor of something that stands the test of time. Read more…

07:00 PM

Hot off the release of their debut album (Radio Silence), Long Island punk outfit, GutterLIFE, is taking their unique blend of hook heavy punk-rock and hardcore inspired riffs to you! Lead by mainman Matthew Van Rossem, GutterLIFE delivers a catalog of music that discusses and detests addiction, corruption, and a society consumed by vanity. Read more…

07:30 PM

When a band announces a hiatus, the news is generally met with a sigh from the fans and the sinking feeling that this is it; it’s all over. Perhaps the next time you see your favorite band will be years later during the now inevitable nostalgia tour cash-in. No new tunes, passion wrung dry. But back in 2012 when Thrice pressed pause on their collective career there was little doubt in singer Dustin Kensrue’s mind that this was the respite he needed personally, and that this would mean the band could eventually continue creatively. Read more…

08:30 PM

Hailing from Long Island New York this 5 piece Alt rock band prides themselves on there lyrics catchy melodies and there explosive live show. With the release of there newest ep release “These Lesson Learned” they capture the ups and down of the there past few years in this brand new, passionately heavy 6 song collection.With the newest singles Thank You, The Life I Live and the most recent video for Preacher really making a buzz here on long island and sending messages of self confidence and gratification to there fans. Read more…

09:00 PM
The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms are a band… but they are also so much more than that. Since forming in 2006 the duo of vocalist/guitarist Brian Sella and drummer Matthew Uychich have toured, created music incessantly and cultivated an international following not through marketing, but through a real connection to the duo’s music. Read More

03:20 PM
The Regulars

Formed in 2017 by three Long Island music scene veterans and talented newcomer Melanie Morin, The Regulars are quickly making themselves known as one of New York’s premiere bands, as they bring their unique blend of funk, soul, and reggae to the East Coast. The band released their first single, “No Diggity,” last year, and is currently recording their debut album, Revival, expected to be released this summer. Read more…

04:00 PM

DHARMA 2.0 is a group of New York based professional musicians driven by the extraordinary vision of master drummer and band leader John Favicchia. Favicchia is a pro touring drummer, sponsored international clinician, author, and band leader. A new era in fusion begins now with DHARMA 2.0’s fusion masters playing reimagined popular hits including Coldplay, Switchfoot, John Mayer and more, and from John’s three critically acclaimed CDs. Read more…

04:00 PM
Keep Flying

Hailing from the northeast region of the USA, Keep Flying blends musical styling borrowed from a few different genres & eras. Crossing a mix of late 90’s skate punk with the aggression of early 00’s pop – punk, the band stretches a spectrum of taste that appeals to multiple audiences.

Read more…

04:45 PM
Samurai Pizza Cats

SPC is an alternative funk-punk rock group that originated in the town of Oneonta, NY in 2010. They soon became the hilarious and high-energy 9-piece college band that you would make a point to go out and watch during your late night adventures. Read more…

05:15 PM
Oogee Wawa

Oogee Wawa is an Alternative Reggae Hip-hop fusion band from Long Island, NY. Take Gym Class Heroes, Sublime, a bottle of rum; mix them in a blender and you’ll have a taste of what is Oogee Wawa. Their feel good music captivates a wide age range of fans that relate to the message that they bring forth. Read more…

05:15 PM
Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay is an original Progressive Rock Band from NY. This high energy musical and multimedia experience performs original, progressive material with the passion and the spirit that the progressive rock bands of the 70’s embodied. Read more…

06:00 PM
Dudley Music

Dudley Music is a Long Island-based Hip-Hop recording artist, producer, and Jazz musician, playing saxophone, keys, guitar, drums, flute, and clarinet. Read more…

06:30 PM
Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake are back!

“But they never went anywhere,” you protest. Well reader, in that sense you are correct. But this fall they’re not only serving up their first full-length in five years, but – after more than two decades together also embracing a total back to basics approach. Read more…

06:45 PM
RAEL-The Music of Genesis

RAEL-The Music of Genesis is a New York area based tribute band that recaptures the energy and originality of the “early years” live stage performances by Genesis. RAEL pays homage to the most groundbreaking and influential band in the progressive rock genre by incorporating the musical excellence, lyrical storytelling, and theatricality that brought Genesis to a position of prominence in the rock world. Read more…

07:30 PM
Nonstop to Cairo

Nonstop to Cairo is quickly emerging as one of New York’s premiere bands. Currently they take to the road, bringing a unique blend of ska, hip-hop and funk, to their eager fans. Read more…

08:00 PM
Dirty Heads

After two decades spent chiseling their unique, multi-genre infused sound, Dirty Heads have finally come into their own. Since the release of their 2008 debut Any Port in a Storm, the five-piece band — Jared Watson (vocals), Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell (vocals/guitar), Jon Olazabal (percussion), Matt Ochoa (drums) and David Foral (bass) — has consistently experimented with their sunny style, leaning heavily on reggae fused with hip-hop cornerstones and scaling back for more acoustic fare, darting between extremes. Read more…

08:15 PM

Awaken is a band comprised of extremely talented and precise musicians from the NY tri-state area. Their attention to detail is what separates this band from many others performing the music of YES. Awaken is the sum of musicianship, experience and determination. The end result is nothing short of astounding. Read more…

09:00 PM
Gnarly Karma

Gnarly Karma is an Alternative/Indie Rock Band from Long Island, New York. Their music is most often associated with that of The Revivalists, Sublime, and Mumford & Sons, but their sound is not restricted by genre. Read more…

09:30 PM
Sublime with Rome

The wait is over! Sublime With Rome returns long at last with ‘Sirens’ (July 17, 2015, BMG Chrysalis), the effervescent follow up to the band’s 2011 debut, ‘Yours Truly.’

“We had more time, we know each other better now, and we’re even better musicians,” said Rome Ramirez, who was just 20-years-old when he embarked on this journey. Now 27, the singer, guitarist, and songwriter is truly flourishing. Read more…

09:45 PM
US & Floyd

Us And Floyd performs accurate recreations of the timeless music of Pink Floyd. These professional musicians have grown up as avid Floyd fans and incorporate their knowledge of the band and its history into every live show. Their collective appreciation for Floyd is evidenced by the passion and precision of their performances. Read more…

01:30 PM
Lexy Cassell

Lexy Cassell is a multitalented and accomplished performer that has been entertaining fans with her musical styling and skateboarding skills since the age of 8. She has dynamic on-stage presence and delivers an energetic performance. Read more…

02:00 PM

Since 2012 Soundswell has grown into an unapologetic collection of sound.
They are proud to be a contributing part of the emerging South Shore Long Island music scene.
Like wearing your favorite t shirt, Soundswell is welcoming and comfortable while transporting you on a journey to the unknown. Read more…

02:15 PM
The Other Shoe

The Other Shoe…It’s Country music but “Which Country?” We take from all of our favorites, shake up the SHOE and throw it down. If you like Americana,Reggae, Folk, R&B, Singer Songwriter then you will dig this! Read more…

02:40 PM
Ritual Talk

Ritual Talk is a Brooklyn-based indie rock trio with lush instrumentation and exploratory vocal arrangements that tinge each song with an unmistakable color, on and off the stage. Read more…

03:10 PM
Andy Falco & Friends

Andy Falco is a Grammy winning guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer from Long Island, New York specializing in American roots music. He is a member of jamgrass band The Infamous Stringdusters who won a Grammy for best Bluegrass Album in 2018. Read more…

03:30 PM

Reckoning reflects the songs of the Grateful Dead by exploring new musical innovations. Each show is unique and performed with passion, joy, sadness and bliss. They express emotions through improvisation while breathing new life into timeless classics. Read more…

04:00 PM
Cassandra House

Long Island singer/songwriter Cassandra House is best known for her unique, soulful & earnest approach to her music. Her material has drawn attention of promoters across Long Island and has earned her a spot on main stages, sharing the spotlight with talents Amy Helm and the Handsome Strangers, Colin Hay, Rusted Root & Todd Scheaffer of Railroad Earth. Read more…

04:30 PM
JGB Featuring Melvin Seals

JGB and Melvin Seals bring an intuitive, expressive style, soul, spontaneity and remarkable chops to the Jerry Garcia Band table. With acoustic and electric ingredients and unique combinations
of Zach Nugent’s guitar and vocals, John Paul McLean’s savory bass, Pete Lavezzoli’s hearty drums and, of course, a heapin’ helpin’ of the wizard’s magic on Hammond B-3 Organ and keyboards. Read more…

05:00 PM
The Allmost Brothers Band

The Allmost Brothers Band is a progressive tribute act honoring the tradition of the legendary Allman Brothers Band. Working within the framework of the incredible and vast song book of the ABB, The Allmost Brothers inject something new, fresh and exciting into the material. Read more…

05:30 PM
The Om-en

The Om-en are now a national group of spiritually connected souls sharing the positive message and energy of their original songs. They have played locally in New York for the last several years since its inception and have increased national visibility by popular demand since the addition of talented lead singer 18 year old Shannon Gibbons. Read more…

06:00 PM

Falling somewhere between rock, jazz and electronic mayhem we find space rock. This is a genre that is not readily defined, and is a state of mind as much as it could be considered a genre. This range of frequencies is where Papadosio tends to spend their time, sometimes dining in deep space, and other times snacking right on your front porch. Read more…

06:30 PM
The Joni Project

The Joni Project formed as a tribute in sound and spirit to the music of Joni Mitchell.

From the deep folk roots of her musical beginnings, Joni’s music has evolved over the years to include elements of funk, rock and the full palette of harmonic colors embodied by modern jazz. Read more…

07:30 PM
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong brings end-of-the-world enthusiasm to their high-energy psychedelic funk. Their infectious electro-funk grooves, undeniable live energy and contagious smiles have their rabid fanbase “the Flock” growing exponentially. Read more…

08:00 PM
Albums We Love

Albums We Love began as a simple idea: What if a group of the best local musicians could get together to perform one album, start to finish, for one night only? The answer was an astonishing performance that immediately led to invites from clubs, then concert halls and festivals. Read more…

08:30 PM
Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse is made up of long time friends and brothers. Their sound is reminiscent of vocal harmony-driven bands such as The Band, CSN, Dawes and Fleet Foxes. Their first full-length album was released in December of 2016, produced by Grammy winner Andy Falco (Infamous Stringdusters), and noted for its compelling songwriting, arrangements and instrumentation. Read more…

09:00 PM
Umphreys McGee

The music of Umphrey’s McGee unfolds like an unpredictable conversation between longtime friends. Its six participants—Brendan Bayliss [guitar, vocals], Jake Cinninger [guitar, vocals], Joel Cummins [keyboards, piano, vocals], Andy Farag [percussion], Kris Myers [drums, vocals], and Ryan Stasik [bass]—know just how to communicate with each other on stage and in the studio. Read more…

09:30 PM

The THE BAND Band is the most exciting and musically satisfying tribute to The Band on the scene today, bringing the music alive with authentic, true-to-form renditions of The Band’s extraordinary repertoire. Read more…

12:00 PM
The Imagination Movers

The Imagination Movers story is the ultimate example of the power of imagination. In 2003, four New Orleans friends – Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith – had an idea… Read more…

01:30 PM
Route 111
01:50 PM
Cousin Earth

Pushing the limits of both genre and musicality, Brooklyn’s Cousin Earth delivers catchy tunes with a progressive spirit. Featuring both an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, the band showcases a wide tonal palette that has as much a sense of humor as it does a sense of purpose. Read more…

02:00 PM
Miles to Dayton

Come and meet the family you never knew you had. Miles to Dayton’s music happens at a personal level, their message of love blending elements of folk, rock, classical, and funk into an irresistible invitation. The M2D recipe is simple: four-part vocal harmony, clever songwriting, improvisational violin and cello, and an infectious rhythm section that stirs up the creative stew Read more…

02:45 PM
Memphis Crawl

Memphis Crawl is an American Rock ‘n Roll band from New York. reminiscent of classic bands from the 60’s and 70’s like The Doors, Zeppelin and The Stones,The Crawl has become Notorious for their Wildly Hypnotic Concerts and Uniquely Soulful Original Tune Read more…

03:00 PM
The Complete Unknowns

The Complete Unknowns will serve up their unique interpretations of Bob Dylan’s music at the Great South Bay Music Festival. With a repertoire that spans six decades of Dylan’s material, the band provides a complete Dylan experience that showcases Bob’s songs as well as the great musicianship that brought them to life. Read more…

03:15 PM
Kerry Kearney

Kerry Kearney, a slide guitar master, plays and works his instrument to limits that amaze even the most seasoned musician or cultured music fan. The sounds Kerry creates from his vintage, stock and custom made guitars are as unique as his song writing and original melodies. Kerry was voted “Best Guitarist of 1999” by the LI Voice and “Bluesman of the Year 2004” by the LI Blues Society. Read more…

04:00 PM
Carrie and The Cats

Carrie and The Cats are a funk/rock and roll band from Long Island, New York. Led by the incredible talent of Carrie Lynn Wicks, the group came together in early 2016 and features Will “Wee Wee” Bart on Guitar, Billy “Bad Bones” Hanley on Saxophone, Chris Parrett on Bass, and Danny Roman on Drums. Read more…

04:30 PM
The Devon Allman Project

When you’re part of a musical dynasty, it’s only natural that the personal and professional aspects of your life should intersect. It was no different for Devon Allman, whose late father Gregg Allman helped helm one of the most important and influential American bands of the past 50 years. I Read more…

04:30 PM
Half Step

Half Step is a group of dedicated fans & students of the Grateful Dead, capturing the spirit, improvisation, sound & complexity of Grateful Dead music. Read more…

05:30 PM
Robert Fulton

True to the title of his extraordinary debut album, Robert Fulton has been a Witness to difficult times and the most challenging circumstances life could throw his way. It broke him for a while, but the re-emergence of his long set-aside musical passions drove him to not only survive, but thrive. Drawing on his love for rock, blues and soul, he has created an enduring testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the redeeming power of music. Read more…

06:00 PM
Little Feat

In his preface to a recent Little Feat retrospective compilation, the band’s Paul Barrere wrote, ”It’s almost 33 years ago exactly since Mr. [Lowell] George came to the front door of the Laurel Canyon house I was livin’ in, with that beautiful white ”p“ bass in hand, and asked if I wanted to try out as bass player for his new band. Read more…

06:00 PM
Part Time Bear

Part Time Bear is an Indie Emo band from Ronkonkoma, NY. PTB started in 2015 as a Pop Punk band, but over the last few years, underwent tremendous changes stylistically. The direction of the music ultimately headed towards a more emotionally impactful sound, especially with the addition of their newest members. Read more…

06:35 PM

Scarabino is an Alternative/Prog Rock band from Long Island, New York. Michael Scarabino, Ajay Hosking and Julian Pitto linked up in 2016 and began work. They bonded over their common passions, mutual inspirations, and vision to express their unique perspective in music. Read more…

07:00 PM
Pete Mancini

Paradiddle Records Recording Artist Pete Mancini got his start as the frontman and primary songwriter of Butchers Blind, a critically acclaimed rock band from NYC. His debut solo album Foothill Freeway explores the Americana influences that were a hallmark of his work with Butchers Blind. Read more…

07:15 PM
Julian Kerins Trio

Julian Kerins is a singer-songwriter whose music is an eclectic amalgam of Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Soul, Avante-garde, Alternative, and Orchestral elements. Experience negates a definition of words, so listen and determine what the music feels like for you. Read more…

07:30 PM
Electric Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, perform with a well-honed and solid power – always in the groove from their years of experience and mutual inspiration. Started as a side project during Jefferson Airplane days, the constant, the very definition of Hot Tuna, has always been Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady. Read more…

07:55 PM
Ernie & The Band

Ernie & The Band is a Long Island-based 4 piece band formed in June 2017. Although ernie is new to the scene, he and the Band are making waves as a blues-rock group with original music written by John Witt (vocals/guitar) and Rob Seck (bass guitar), alongside re-arranged renditions of blues tracks of the past. Read more…

08:30 PM
Danny Kean

Danny Kean is an accomplished singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and actor. Born October 13, 1983 in Farmingdale, NY. Blind since birth, Danny’s parents were told by a doctor that blind children often play great piano. Read more…

08:35 PM
Approaching Troy

Approaching Troy’s mission is simple: take the band to new heights and new territories, one exciting live show at a time; all while drawing influence from the sounds of Long Island’s historic live rock scene and it’s ever-growing underground community. Read more…

09:00 PM
The Dickey Betts Band

Dickey Betts, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, has one of the most distinctive voices in music today. Known as one of the most influential guitar players of all time, Betts has mastered a seamless style of lyrical melody and rhythm — marrying country, jazz, blues, and rock into one unparalleled sound. Read more…

09:25 PM
Times Like These

Times Like These is a 4-piece pop rock band from Long Island, New York. Born from a local scene dominated by heavier acts, Mike, Eddie, Zach, and Cody found success in a more pop influenced take on pop punk, writing songs based on catchy hooks and infectious melodies. Read more…

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