Samurai Pizza Cats
Samurai Pizza Cats Photo
Performing: Friday July 19
Stage: Jambalaya
Set Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm


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Your favorite ska band that isn’t really a ska band, Samurai Pizza Cats manages to hit you directly in the feels while keeping your body bouncing across the dance floor. The eight-piece monstrosity puts its own lens on the usual ska-reggae sunshine to tackle the tough topics like mental health and substance abuse; they’re at the beach party, they’re just hungover and their phone’s been stolen. With a four-piece horn section, triple vocals, dual guitars, and driving bass and drums, the Cats bring all the necessary ingredients for a shot of ska-punk-reggae-funk you won’t need to chase. SPC has been hard at work on more original material since returning from the Binge Thinking tour and releasing its second EP Anxiety in 2018.

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