Whatever We Are
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Performing: Thursday July 18
Stage: Main
Set Time: 4:00 – 4:30pm


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It started with four friends. Just three guys and a girl in a studio, each with wildly different personalities and dreams, but all united in their support of each other. Before they knew it, almost by accident, they were recording some of the most powerful material of their careers, moving into a house together, and launching one of the most exciting new names in music: Whatever We Are.

The group’s four members—Gabrielle Ross, Chris “Trippz” Michaud, Ian Biggs, and Joey Castellani—had spent the majority of their careers as solo arts, but the energy when they wrote and recorded together was undeniable, so they embraced the new direction and uprooted their lives to move into a shared house on Long Island where they could make music in their living room-turned-studio-space full time. As a result, these songs represent not only a clean start artistically, but also a fresh new outlook on life. Whatever We Are’s music blurs the boundaries of genre as it melds four distinct voices into a singular whole and four wildly different backgrounds and personalities into a unit. Their mission is to carry this theme of breaking boundaries much farther than music, and inspire others to be undeniably true to who they are. With this, they wear white to symbolize unity and a blank canvas. Each member contributing equally to their songs, starting from a blank canvas each time and the creative process forever a new formula. The foundation based on a judgment free zone, no limitations, just open mindedness and passion.

Whatever We Are is:

Gabrielle, a born and raised New Yorker, sings and writes in the group. She earned her stripes as a powerhouse vocalist touring the world opening for artists like OAR, Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele. Profiled by the New York Times while still just in high school, she took home the coveted Amateur Night at the Apollo championship as a 15-year-old (in the adult competition), graced the iconic stage at Carnegie Hall, performed live with Patti Labelle, and climbed radio charts with her collaboration with platinum R&B star Jeremih.

Trippz, who was raised in Connecticut but genuinely believes he’s an alien from the planet Zeltron (you can’t miss the spaceship tattoo on his face), writes, raps, and sings in the group. He had his own major publishing deal as a songwriter with Sony ATV and built up a strong following online with more than 1.5 million views on his YouTube channel.

Joey, who writes, produces, and sings, originally got his start working on tracks in his grandmother’s basement in Delaware. Within a few years, he’d produced for hip-hop stars like Drake and Omarion along with a slew of independent artists.

Ian, another Connecticut native, writes, plays guitar, and sings in the band. He had his own track record of success as an artist and a hired gun, opening for everyone from Capital Cities to Neon Trees in addition to playing as a sideman with pop stars like Jesse McCartney and Katy Tiz.

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